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Month: June, 2011


Some days its good to spend a bit of time on YouTube.

Everybody wants to rule the world..apparently.


Where do they come from?

I had a friend ask me this the other day, when I was sharing some ideas of mine, I was trying to explain how my very unsophisticated and unrefined thoughts have been meddling my mind for some time, and it is only now my ideas have been put into logical formats, with logical destinations for a logical purpose.

and its exciting…

Goodness me.

We need to be a little more observant
and a little more careful..


I used to be quite resilient.
in my early days
before things started to stick
I was an expert at shrugging it off
feeling nonchalant towards harsh words aimed to hurt
then they started doing resilience courses at school
and bringing in motivational speakers
like that was enough to bring it back.
But when you have lost resilience
and it has been squashed several times
over a long period of time
until its gone
to get it back
takes more then one ‘nice’ talk
or a 3 day workshop
more then tally marks
and ‘rising from the ashes’ situations
It takes courage.


When summer returns
we should all go tubing
down rapids
with a whole lot of people you dont know
for the sole purpose
of making new friends.

tattoo the world.

IF I were to get a tattoo
not saying that I would ever (hey mum)
It would be a map.
of the world
and I would regularly update
my travels..
Imagine that.
but who needs something like that on your back
when you could just have it in a large chalk drawings on your bedroom wall
and carved into your kitchen bench
or woven into a carpet map
and made into a mosaic tile of the world in your bathroom..

be a boy.

Im such a boy sometimes
all I want to do is wear
jeans, a tshirt and an oversized sweater..
This fantastic shop doesnt help
neighbour holds so many mens clothes that I would purchase.